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I'll give you 100 good reasons to stay - A special part of the Sidepodradio marathon gives reasons to watch F1

Published by Christine

Sidepodradio is done and dusted, and we're gradually winding the project up by tidying all the stray loose ends. Edited podcasts are coming soon, but until then, there's the small matter of donations to talk about. When I say small, I mean massive, but we'll get to that later.

A potential donation came during the Sidepodradio marathon and was from myself. I had just created a page called 100 Reasons to Watch Formula 1. There was a lot of negativity floating about, a considerable portion of it coming from me, so I wanted to find out what was good about F1.

I set up a table with 100 rows, filled in the first one myself and left the rest to you guys. Mine was:

Because you can guarantee at the end of the race, someone will try and drop the champagne over the side of the podium, and the waiting mechanics will drop it.

- Christine

That is conceivably the highlight of my race weekend. Anyway, there were a few more submissions but I wanted everyone to get involved, so I pledged that if we could reach 100 reasons by the end of the 12 hours, I'd stick £10 into the pot. We had a great response, but we didn't quite make it, so I extended the deadline to this Friday, the same as the charity donations deadline.

Today, we reached the goal, we achieved 100 Reasons to Watch Formula 1. Some of them are wonderful:

In learning about F1, you end up learning about everything that matters and quite a few things that don't.

- Alianora

Getting up at 4:00 am(Pacific) to watch the race with everybody in the comments is better than watching it alone.

- Aitch

Deep down, everyone loves a pile-up.

- Alison

Some of them are silly:


- Pat

The fact you can name people after public transport vehicles.

- Alex

And some of them are cheating:

84. Wet races.

85. Very wet races.

86. Wet, then dry, then wet, then dry, then wet, then dry, then wet races.

- Maverick

They are all brilliant though, and you can read the full list over on the scrapbook. I recommend doing so. This along with the entire Sidepodradio event, the donations, and everything that has come with it, shows how much the Sidepodcommunity can achieve when they put their minds to it. Thanks to all.

The deadline for donations is midnight tonight, Friday 25th. We will do a final tot up of the full amount, and put up a poll for the charity selection tomorrow.