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Il Maschio - A day out in the bitter cold at Mark Webber's British pub

Published by Christine

We rely on broadband for pretty much everything at Sidepodcast HQ, so when it stopped functioning earlier this month, the unthinkable happened. We went outside!

It had been on our minds for a while that we needed to go to Ikea and pick up some things for the office and for the set of Sidepodcast. There is no Ikea near where we live, so we decided to make a day trip of it.

Ikea is wonderful, but I don’t think a visit there counts as a Sidepodcast event. Once our purchasing was done, we headed to a nearby pub in the depths of the countryside. This was not just any old pub, oh no, this one housed the Il Maschio restaurant, owned by a certain Mr Mark Webber.

I say owned, I’m not entirely sure how it works. I assumed he owned it, but upon further research, it looks like his wife is more involved than he is. And once we were there the amount of Red Bull paraphernalia made it seem as though they were sponsoring the pub rather than him.

However, I get ahead of myself.

We got lost trying to find this pub, of course. It really is in the middle of absolutely nowhere. But soon we saw the sign.

Il Maschio

The actual pub part of things appears to be very, very small: perhaps two tables crammed together and a bar. However, the restaurant is much more spacious. We ordered a table for two and were seated by the window.

It was slightly bizarre, because aside from the signed Mark Webber helmet sitting in a glass case in the middle of the restaurant, and the Red Bull t-shirts the staff were wearing, you wouldn’t know this pub had anything to do with F1 at all.

But if you didn’t know it had anything to with F1, you would be wondering why there was a helmet in the middle of the restaurant. Quite a weird setup, when you think about it.

The menu was pretty standard for any Italian restaurant, there was plenty to choose from of pizzas and pasta. I had to order the Mark Webber pizza, of course, named after... okay, you know that much.

It was yummy, and that’s as much as I’m going to say because anymore leads to innuendo and I’m much too polite for that sort of thing.

After we were stuffed (didn’t get to try the desserts, unfortunately, which may mean a return trip), we headed outside into the pub garden. The table umbrellas were, you guessed it, Red Bull umbrellas, and we sat underneath one with his beer and my Diet Coke.

Using our portable audio technology, we recorded a podcast right there and then in the comfortable but cold surroundings of Mark Webber’s pub. It wasn’t ideal, chilly, as I mentioned, an unusual amount of traffic, and two little children playing and shouting. But it all added to the atmosphere, I think, and ended up being a nice day out.

Having said that, I was glad when we got in the car to come home. Much too cold. The broadband still wasn’t working though.