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I wonder - How the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and McLaren is changing

Published by Mr. C

It's become apparent to me, that during the course of this weekend, a good number of television and radio personalities connected with Formula 1 are bending over backwards to proclaim that 'Lewis did not swear at Ron Dennis' in Hungary.

I probably should have kept notes, but I spotted it during Friday Practice and again during Qualifying on Saturday. The question I have to ask is, why are they so keen to be making what appears to be very deliberate statements, when quite clearly the press release from McLaren only stated that:

The team have investigated this claim and reviewed the radio transmissions and we can categorically confirm that Lewis did not use the "F word" at any time during any conversation with the team.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as we mentioned during Episode 30, that paragraph only states that the guy didn't say one particular word. It doesn't exonerate him from all forms of swearing.

Hamilton's stock dropped considerably following his outburst in Hungary - middle England was aghast that such a sweet boy could utter such a foul phrase. I wonder if someone is trying to redress that situation? It could of course be that certain people have enjoyed the three week break a little too much and simply haven't bothered to read the press releases correctly.

One to keep an eye on methinks.