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I think it's fly when Joe stops by for the summer // A round up of the latest Audience with Joe at Silverstone

Published by Mr. C

Friday evening, after F1 Free Practice at Silverstone had long been done and dusted, Christine and I made our way to the Plum Park Hotel just East of the circuit, to enjoy a second Audience with Joe. Being set in such a green and leisurely location, the atmosphere couldn't have be more contrasting to Joe's more hectic introductory event in London.

Joe talking in the Plum Park Hotel garden before the evening got underway.
Joe talking in the Plum Park Hotel garden before the evening got underway.Credit: Sidepodcast

The evening started with talk of Bruno Senna and the situation at Hispania. Joe talked openly about the feeling of sitting on a news scoop and the thought processes he went through before hitting the big button marked 'publish'. He offered a fantastic insight into the world of motor sport journalism, and I recommend anybody who is even remotely interested in becoming part of that world, sign themselves up to the next audience event Joe puts on.

We have been talking to Mr Saward on the Aside Podcast for 18 months and have now witnessed two live forums with the man, yet his ability to surprise, amuse and shock never dwindles. Joe has an anecdote for every question that comes his way, no matter how far back into Formula 1 history the questions delve.

Joining Joe in Silverstone were a circuit designer (who's name I've forgotten), and Formula BMW driver Michael Lewis. Neither took any questions during the course of the evening though. A running order change from previous occasions saw the introduction of two breaks for food and drinks. The provided buffet justified the price increase and it was heartening knowing the food was healthy enough for a current driver like Lewis to tuck in too.

Naoise from Manipe F1 arrived directly from the paddock and a somewhat sunburnt Leigh of The Formula 1 and Motorsports Archive walked all the way from the track to the hotel. The additional breaks allowed for more mingling with other attendees, and we picked up some appreciated feedback about this site and associated podcasts. The revised environment encouraged more audience interaction too, as F1 discussion brought up further questions that could be put to Joe during the next session.

Joe with microphone in hand, taking on all questions.
Joe with microphone in hand, taking on all questions.Credit: Sidepodcast

As ever, time passed all too quickly. It's telling that the two of us were happy to pay for two tickets for an evening in Joe's company, but were not prepared to pay for two tickets for a Friday F1 session just around the corner. To us, one offered significantly more value than the other. It was a shame a smaller contingent of fans made it to Silverstone than we previously saw in London. I felt it was a much better packaged event as a whole, especially with much of the paddock insider news being red hot off the press.

The concept and format Joe has hit upon is so good the Formula One Teams Association saw fit to borrow the model recently, albeit in a somewhat hamstrung fashion. F1 fans have never before had access to such an up close and personal insight into the sport and I very much hope more people take time to come along and take part. Miss it and you miss out.