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I should be in charge of F1 because... - Share your statements of intent for the top F1 job

Published by Christine

With Mr Todt's arrival at the head of the FIA comes the news that there will be a commissioner assigned to each world championship that the governing body oversees. That means we are looking at a brand new name placed in charge of F1, and there is plenty of speculation around as to who it might be.

In the comments, earlier today, Lukeh turned this into a fun game rather than idle speculation, by making a suggestion.

I think the fans should be allowed to apply to be F1 Commissioner and then be given 150 words maximum to explain why they should be. My statement of intent would be: "Because I want to give Rubens a hug and I suppose the F1 would be nice too."

- Lukeh

Mr C and I think this to be a marvellous game, and have since been coming up with some of our own. Mine would go something like this.

I would like to be F1 Commissioner so I can bring back: Michelin, Franck, testing, one lap qualifying, non-green striped tyres, refuelling... and the Fosters girls.

It's interesting that everything I would improve are things that have already existed but been taken away from the sport. That is a whole other post though, I think.

In the interests of whiling away a Saturday evening, how would your pitch sound? Don't forget, 150 words or less. Mr. C?