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I predict a riot - Make your F1 bets for the 2009 season

Published by Christine

I turned on the Realtime Doohickey today to find Dank coming over all Nostradamus on us.

I was thinking, why don't we all make some F1 related predictions for 2009? Say a number of predictions each? I think it would be interesting to look back on them in 12 months time.

It sounds like a brilliant idea, and I thought a specific post would be better to house the pearls of wisdom, rather than scattered around the daily posts. This way, we can make our predictions and have an easy place to reference in 12 months time, when you will all laugh at how wrong I was.

That's right, Lou has decreed I must make some predictions myself, despite managing to escape from doing so during most race weekends this year. Sadly, my excuses have run out and I must now put my neck on the line.

  • The obvious first prediction to make is who will win in Australia. There was a pretty high attrition rate at Melbourne in 2008, and I reckon it will be just the same for '09. The cars will be very different, and the wings are a nightmare. I think the front runners might struggle initially, and we might see someone else on the podium. I'm gonna say Vettel in the Red Bull.
  • For the last three years, the winner at the first race of the season went on to take the driver's championship. I don't think that will be the case for 2009. I think the driver's title will go to Robert Kubica. BMW are supposed to be ahead in the KERS stakes and I think this will work in their favour in the early races.
  • We didn't see any driver changes last year at all, for the first season ever. I can't believe this peace and harmony in the paddock will last forever, and I think we'll see at least one change. Piquet needs to perform a lot better, or I don't see him lasting very long. I also think Kovalainen's drive isn't as secure as he'd like to think.
  • I also predict that Fernando Alonso will be back on top form and fighting for the championship. Although, I don't know if that's a prediction or just a hope. Either way.

That's my thoughts for the upcoming season. Please make your predictions in the comments - if I have to come up with some, then I expect everyone else to do the same. Here are a few questions if you're stuck for ideas:

  • Who'll win in Australia?
  • Will Hamilton be able to retain his title?
  • Will the driver and constructor champions be from the same team?
  • Will any contracts be torn up and ripped apart before the end of the year?
  • Will KERS make the impact it's desired to?
  • How will Brundle and Legard get along in the commentary box?

Can't wait to hear them.