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I know I can figure it out - Deciding where Franck Montagny fits on the F1 grid

Published by Christine

So, here we go, my very first attempt at some future-team predictions. All because of Franck.

I mentioned before about how very badly I want Franck Montagny to get a race drive because he is oh so cute and now I'm starting to work out get my hopes up as to how that just might happen.

Firstly, some discussions that Mr C and I had over the Silverstone weekend. New rules coming in for 2008 really do seem to be pushing teams to make partnerships more and more. We already have many partnerships within the grid already: Ferrari/Spyker, Honda/Super Aguri, Red Bull/Renault. It's mostly to do with engines, but with testing restrictions and the possibility of customer cars being allowed, information is more likely to be shared (and not in a McLaren/Ferrari way, either). There's also the possibility of sharing drivers, is there not?

Franck is currently third driver at Toyota. Toyota are teamed up with Williams, a partnership that seems to work and has no reason to change. The Japanese team seem to be quite happy with their driver line up at the moment (who knows why?), so let's look to Williams for 2008. Alex Wurz must surely be on his way out, right? He's a nice guy, and it was brilliant to give him another chance, but it doesn't appear to be working out too well. During the one race we attended we saw x2 spins and he drove over someone else's wheels. And let's not even start to delve into previous form.

Rosberg is not going anywhere. He's too good. But if there's a gap there, left by Mr Wurz, then Franck is the perfect man to fill it. Although, there is one Kazuki Nakajima who is the current Williams test driver, and comes from the Toyota juniors stable.


Okay, if Toyota aren't happy with their driver line-up? Well, it may be the other way round. The well-respected (by Sidepodcast, anyway) Ted Kravitz reports in his Silverstone notebook that Ralf has secured at least one of his sponsors to follow him wherever he may go next. Rumours abound that it will be Toro Rosso.

Scott Speed is no doubt on his way out, because he has previously commented on how he has suddenly realised that NASCAR is maybe not so bad. The undertone there is that he knows his future does not lie in F1. He might be replaced by Sebastian Bourdais, who would make an interesting team with Schumacher.

With Schumacher at Toro Rosso, that leaves a space for Montagny at Toyota! Yay!

Oh yea, what about Liuzzi? He ain't half bad in the old F1 car.

I'm stuck again.