Sidepodcast - All for F1 and F1 for all

I keep hittin' repeat-peat-peat-peat - F1 nostalgia from the Sidepodcast jukebox

Published by Mr. C

There had been the nucleus of an idea bouncing around inside our heads for the past three or four years that until recently we had failed to bring to fruition.

Although the entire Sidepodcast archive is always available for anyone to peruse at any time, picking out an old show at random and listening back isn't a whole heap of fun. You'll likely be listening by yourself and commenting thoughts on an old thread might be a bit weird.

That said, some of the old shows are still great to listen to. From daft predictions, to preposterous declarations and the occasional spark of insight, it always seemed a shame we couldn't revisit classic shows once in a while.

Action replay

On paper, our ideal solution would be a live stream replaying old shows that anyone could tune into whenever they had some downtime. Having a syndicated stream would mean listeners would all be tuned in to the same thing at the same time, add a live commenting thread into the mix and that might make for a nice way of listening to, and discussing old shows together.

All of the above is easily technically possible, but massively cost prohibitive and that problem has been holding us back for quite some time.

As something of a interim solution, last month, amongst other things, we introduced Sidepodcast Jukebox. A time-limited event that encompasses all of the above ideals, but rather than running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is only two hours in length.

Radio active

The first event went down very well and we'll almost certainly do more in the quiet periods during this season.

Listeners are more than welcome to submit playlists of their favourite shows - Lou has already offered to select a number for the next event. Feel free to leave show suggestions in the comments below, or submit your ideal playlist via the contact form.

Notably, the jukebox was the first time we've ever live streamed without having a speaking part ourselves. This gave us a chance to really optimise the live experience from a listener's perspective. Already we've implemented a number of improvements and expect to find more.

Look out for more retro streaming in the near future. Watch the events page for details and catch a little bit of history repeating.