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I heart Franck - Following the French driver wherever he goes after Formula One

Published by Christine

There have been plenty of battles at Sidepodcast Towers, from who is in charge of updating the RSS feeds, to whether things fall under good week or bad week. The most recent argument, however, is just how much Champ Car news is allowed on an F1 podcast.

I am not quite ready to let Mr Montagny go just yet, and if that means sacrificing some minutes on the show to talking about how great he is and how he deserves a drive, I'm all for it. You can imagine that my co-host is not so keen.

Deep down, I know he's right, because our first love is Formula 1 and we don't want to dilute Sidepodcast with other series - even if they do have sidepods. We still have so much to say on our chosen subject, it would be foolish to add yet more news to the mix.

So, the compromise:

Screen Grab of

Assuming that FKM gets a Champ Car drive... or whatever the series is called now it's merged... then I will be learning all about that as I blog. If he doesn't, well, he will.

It's not a love-fest, despite the name, so don't be turned off before you even visit. So far I've talked testing and the possible (reportedly confirmed) merger. For now it is a place to explore things outside F1, but who knows where it will head in the future.

Now I'm just wondering if is free... is! Later, people.