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I can sing a sidewall (a song for Pirelli) - The best way to remember the important F1 tyre colours

Published by Christine

I can sing a sidewall (a song for Pirelli) audio waveform

If you are like me, Pirelli's recent announcement regarding their many-coloured sidewalls for the 2011 Formula 1 season may have left you a bit flustered. Although the company has provided a unique solution to the ever-present problem of distinguishing between tyre compounds, it does seem like an awful lot of information to take in and try and memorise.

Pirelli's rainbow collection
Pirelli's rainbow collectionCredit: Pirelli

Sidepodcast therefore presents to you, the confused punter, the ultimate in F1 teaching aids, and the difficult follow up single to the 2009 hit Felipe Baby. This is a song for Pirelli.

Hopefully, by the time the cars hit the track in Melbourne at the end of this week, we'll be able to tell one compound from another. You'll only need to remember two at a time, of course, plus the wet ones in case of inclement weather, but it's worth memorising them all so that for the rest of the season it just comes naturally to you.


Red are supersoft, yellows are soft
Silver hard, white mediums, inters blue
And also there are orange ones
They're used when it's wet
Now you'll never forget

Listen with your eyes
Colours to memorise
Bridgestone's green stripe is gone for good
They'll look bright on telly
On HD telly
Nice work Pirelli

Red and yellow and silver and white
Orange and blue compounds too
I can sing a sidewall
Pirelli sidewall
Sing a sidewall with you