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How'd they do that? - The Beckhams make an unexpected appearance at Silverstone

Published by Mr. C

Ok, I can't figure this one out. Despite my displeasure at seeing the Beckham's on the grid during the British GP, I cannot figure how Honda managed to pull off the feat of getting the pair there in the first place?

And once I've puzzled over that for a minute or two, I cannot fathom how the team manged to prevent them from appearing next to Lewis Hamilton?

There have been many rumours relating to an impending appearance at races like Monaco (close to Cannes) and Barcelona (close to Real Madrid) in the past, but none have ever come to fruition. I imagine that the 'bandwagon-jumping tabloid interest' provided the pair enough motivation to make the trip worth their while. But it's still quite an achievement for the Brackley team.

I can only think of two possible links that Honda have with the couple. The first being Simon Fuller, one-time manager of the Spice Girls and now Earth Car concept creator (crimes for which he will one day pay dearly for, I'm sure).

The second link being Victoria Beckham representing the Samantha Thavasa brand in Japan, and Samantha Thavasa is a key sponsor of Super Aguri. There's a tenuous Honda connection somewhere in there but it doesn't really explain how the two people ended up standing at grid slot 18?

McLaren must've been gutted to be out public-relationed (that's not a word is it?), by a lowly team from the back of the grid.

Erstwhile ITV commentator Ted Kravitz has the inside line:

Instead of the photo of Becks and Lewis that would have made the front pages, they posed for a picture with Jenson Button’s mechanics that, with the best will in the world, wasn’t going anywhere.

Now, I promise I won't mention them again. But if you can spot the connection, please let us know.