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How to listen - A new show with plenty of ways to stay tuned

Published by Christine

Now that we're up and running and there are a couple of episodes in the can, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know your options for listening. There are four main ways that you can find and enjoy Sidepodcast.

  1. If you have iTunes, your best bet is to use the Podcast function within that. You can find us here (iTunes link), or just do a search for 'sidepodcast'.
  2. If you don't have iTunes but use some other kind of podcast catcher, then you'll need the RSS feeds. Just copy and paste the desired url into your software of choice.
  3. If you don't like RSS feeds, then you can keep an eye on the main page of the website. Whenever a new episode is up, there will be some accompanying show notes to go with it. If you click on the link located in the sentence "Show notes for episode..." then that particular episode will appear in your browser and you can listen online.
  4. If none of these options suits you and you would prefer to dip in and out of the show as and when you want, pick and choose what you want to listen to, then head to the archives page. Each episode will be listed there in backwards chronological order, so the most recent is at the top. Again, clicking on the links will open the episode in the browser for you to listen to.

Hope that all makes sense, so you can choose the easiest method of reaching us that fits your needs.