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How did she fare? - The Female Face of the British Grand Prix was all but invisible

Published by Mr. C

Gemma in the pitlane

It's true, I was a bit cynical about the whole Female Face of the British Grand Prix, back in June. So, I thought I'd redress the balance by taking a look at how the idea stood up during the GP weekend and seeing what value it brought to the event.

Model and ex-Hollyoaks star Gemma Atkinson was chosen to be this year's female face (because it's an annual event right?), and we didn't spot her once during the whole weekend. Apparently she turned up in the pitlane on Sunday morning and on the live stage later in the evening, but we must've missed all of that excitement.

I didn't spot her on the television coverage either, unless she was questioned about Hamilton, in which case I was comatose before she appeared.

I did manage to find one quote from the girl though, upon arrival at the Northamptonshire track she said:

The atmosphere here at Silverstone is incredible! It is an unbelievable experience and I never imagined I'd get so close to the action. I’m so thrilled to be here.

- Gemma Atkinson

So, there you have it. A great success in the history of Silverstone's public relations, I'm sure you'd agree. I'm waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the Face of 2008, oh yes.

Gemma and Christijan

By the way, is that a photo call or queue at the job centre?