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Honda's hippy principals - Trying to make Formula One environmentally friendly

Published by Christine

Honda principal, Nick Fry:

"Last year we got off to a reasonable start and we were pretty good by the end of the year, but in the middle we were weak in a number of races, which was very disappointing."

"Do we want to win races? Of course. Having won our first race last year we got a small taste of it, and we want to win some more."

Jenson Button has also been talking about his hopes for the new season. "For me, the most important thing going into this season, is the atmosphere within the team... I think if we're able to build on what we had towards the end of last year, I'll be a very happy man."

You'll notice that no one is really talking about the car.

Thankfully, Jenson took to the track, meaning that his ribs must be at least on the mend, and hopefully fixed. However, the car only managed three laps before stopping out on track.

Oh dear. Still, at least the team are feeling the togetherness.