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Honda to withdraw from F1 - The Japanese manufacturer call time on their Formula One career

Published by Mr. C

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After revelations in Autosport magazine last week, that Honda were considering dropping their Earth Dreams campaign in order to bring back traditional racing sponsorship, a much bigger dream appears to have been shattered this evening. Pitpass are reporting that the team now plan to withdraw from Formula 1 altogether before the start of next season. suggested earlier today that a number of personnel were seeking employment with other teams and although there are suggestions Honda has two prospective buyers in mind, selling a team that has manufacturing capabilities but will lack an engine isn't going to be the work of a moment.

Aside from the implications this decision has for the team's employees, it also raises questions about what will happen should the grid be formed of only 9 teams by the time the season starts again in Melbourne?

Christine has more over on F1Minute, while the BBC are stating that Nick Fry and Ross Brawn informed those attending today's FOTA meeting in London that "they have a month to find a buyer, otherwise they are closing the team."