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Honda news may need its own jingle - Yet more speculation about the future of the Japanese F1 team

Published by Christine

Honda Earthdreams

A while back we speculated on La Stampa's claim that Carlos Slim might've stepped in to save Honda, but shortly afterwards Ross Brawn has quashed the speculation, stating: "This gentleman never visited us and didn't show any intention of buying the team either."

I think all of our excitement over the original story simply shows how keen we are for the team to find a buyer and be saved. It's not just about having another team on the grid, making up the numbers. We want that team, the one we have cheered on in the past and grown to love (even if love means ridicule).

Brawn himself has only been with the team a short time, but has clearly grown an attachment to those who don't get all the glory. In recent interview with Gazetta dello Sport, he speaks candidly about what's important, with top priority being saving jobs. He admits his own position as Team Principal isn't as important as saving the team, and if he had to step aside, he'd be willing to do so.

Moving on to how development of the 2009 car is going, Brawn admits things are on a go-slow now.

There's no hurry because modifying the car to install a different engine requires at least six weeks of work anyway. It's unlikely we'll manage to be on track during the winter.

- Ross Brawn

No testing for the Brackley team, then, which may put them a step behind if/when they make it to the grid. However, Brawn has used his connections to try and secure a decent motor for the car, approaching his old team Ferrari for a customer engine.

We haven't signed anything yet but I really appreciated the support from president Luca di Montezemolo and Stefano Domenicali. It's like being among former schoolmates: they still see me as one of their own.

- Ross Brawn

I bet they do.

So things are progressing then, and we are still waiting to find out who these mysterious potential buyers are, and if any of them are going to work out. Whilst things are obviously flowing better than the Super Aguri sale did, I hope we hear some good news soon. It's difficult to be in this limbo, not knowing whether to include the "team formerly known as Honda" in discussions about the new season. However, if Brawn is still being positive about the future of the team...

Very good chances, I'm really optimistic.

- Ross Brawn

...then we can only do the same.