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Honda Racing F1 reveal new livery - The team continue with the Earth Dreams concept

Published by Mr. C

It may not actually be possible to envisage a worse looking set of wheels than the 2007 'Earth Car'. Thankfully, the team from Brackley haven't made the same mistake twice.

Honda's 2008 F1 Livery

Okay, it's not a beautiful car, but it could've been worse.

The new paint job looks a bit like a BMW, only with a great big picture of the planet sitting on the back. Again, round shapes don't work well on a modern Formula 1 car, so it still looks a little bit squashed, though thankfully less so than last year.

The words 'earthdreams' are painted in bold lettering on the sides and the rear wing, but still no sponsorship adorns the bodywork (aside from the mandatory Honda 'H' on the nose and the Bridgestone emblems).

During the unveiling of the revised design, Nick Fry went into further detail regarding earthdreams:

earthdreams' mission is to harness the power of dreams by supporting, investing in and empowering inspirational projects that have a positive impact on the world around them which will be supported by Honda and its partners.

Apparently donations to the website have so far totalled £98,000 and the team have allocated charities and organisations that will benefit from the funds.

We were hoping for more interactivity regarding the earthdreams project, but it appears to be solely a Honda sponsorship thing, at least for the moment.