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Honda - Downbeat as well as ugly - The new livery isn't the only problem at Brackley

Published by Christine

The discussion surrounding Honda's new livery continues apace, but Honda themselves have admitted that they're not so sure.

Actually, that's probably a bit misleading. Some top technical bods at Honda have been talking to and discussing the shortfalls in speed that Jenson and Rubens have suffered in testing. They are hoping to sort out some of the aerodynamic problems and launch a new car in time for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

It has nothing to do with changing the colours or the sponsorship thing, but we live in hope.

Nick Fry has come clean and said the team stands very little chance of repeating last year's win - particularly at the beginning of the year.

With our team over the last seven or eight years it has been an evolutionary process and we evolved our way up to fourth place in the championship last year.

- Nick Fry

Whilst it's very depressing to read such things, it's actually quite a refreshing change from the "we're gonna do much better this season" soundbytes coming from every other team.