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Honda aim to win again // Jenson Button guides the team to good results

Published by Christine

I am in no way biased towards Jenson Button, so it gives me no pleasure to remark on his stunning drive from 14th to third in Brazil that left him as the highest scoring driver in the last six races of the season.

Couple that with the strong performance recently, and the fantastic win that occurred, and it's safe to say that Honda are feeling a little bit optimistic.

Sporting director Gil de Ferran has been talking about their aims for 2007 and they fall no shorter than to take the championship.

We don't know what the other teams will do, but we must focus on what we can do - and that is to improve everything. Every decision we make, no matter how small, will be with the championship challenge in mind.

- Gil de Ferran

It does strike me as odd that if he believes they need to change everything, then you've got to wonder whether they really have a chance at the championship next year. But if they continue to improve at the pace they have done recently, and if Jenson continues to drive as strongly as he has been, then we will be seeing a lot of them in 2007.