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High-definition Highcroft - Incredible footage of how an ALMS team puts their car together

Published by Mr. C

Cast your mind back to September 2009, and the sports car endurance race, Petit Le Mans. One of the big talking points of the weekend was an incident involving Scott Sharp meeting a catchfence in practice. Sharp managed to walk away from the scene of the accident, but his car had certainly seen better days.

Scott's team Highcroft Racing found themselves with a huge task on their hands to rebuild the destroyed chassis in time for the race on Saturday. They managed to do just that, and although the car didn't qualify and had to start from the pitlane, it did finish in 9th position.

This week the team released a time lapse film of the entire 18 hour rebuild, from bare tub to brand new racing car in less than a day. The film offers a fantastic insight into what it takes to put one of these machines together, and is three minutes of any racing fan's time well spent.

Although a Formula One car isn't put together in exactly the same way, the HD video gives a pretty good insight into what goes on behind, usually closed, garage doors. Apparently only ten percent of the damaged parts could be reused in the chassis that finally raced. Additionally, hats off to the poor guy who has to squeeze inside the cockpit and seems to spend half a day there.

If you have the stomach for it, Scott Sharp's rather spectacular practice crash is also worth watching, if only to highlight just how strong these machines are once assembled. The clip also features initial rebuild work going on in real-time.

If you're interested in seeing even more from Road Atlanta, the Highcroft TV channel has interviews and further behind-the-scenes footage. See if you can spot the familiar soundtrack. Thanks to Dank, JPancoast and Pat for highlighting this one.