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He's weeping with joy - Christine's Rankings, Week 5 - Driver radio takes precedence in Bahrain

Published by Christine

He's weeping with joy
Credit: Haas F1 Team

The drivers appeared to get a bit feisty in the heat of the desert, with Bahrain the setting for plenty of fun and games across the last seven days. From drivers interrupting interviews, celebrating birthdays over team radio, and pointing out your friend's dressing mistakes. There's also points for Alonso, who caused quite the stir this week, I don't know if you've heard.

We've got two weeks until the next race now, so be on your guard for drivers doing pointsworthy things in their downtime. A couple of days of testing in the desert and then starting preparation for Russia, what will they get up to?

Movements for Week 5

  • +2 Sergio Pérez: Practicing for a new career if this racing lark doesn't pan out.
  • +3 Fernando Alonso: Overall a positive thing for Alonso to be racing in Indy 500 instead of F1 this year. Breakdown of points as 6 points for fun and bravery, but minus 3 points for the passive aggressive move towards Honda.
  • +1 Daniil Kvyat: It's not like it's a tough life, but it must be weird having a camera in your face all the time.
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Not a very convincing impression, but cute of Dan to at least pretend to be cold in the boiling hot Bahrain.
  • +1 Carlos Sainz Jr: Good training video, punching on the beach.
  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Interrupting a less-than-interesting interview with Vandoorne. Cheeky monkey.
  • +1 Sergio Pérez: Accidentally putting his shirt on back to front, which is adorable.
  • +1 Esteban Ocon: Being the kind of friend to point when you've, for example, put your shirt on backwards.
  • +2 Romain Grosjean: An impromptu celebration of his engineer's birthday, involving serenading him over the radio.
  • +2 Romain Grosjean: What is there to say about a driver that creates his teammate when he's not actually there?
  • +1 Max Verstappen: A bit mean from Maxie here, but quite fun having a good old chat/swear with a Dutch TV anchor.
  • +1 Jolyon Palmer: Nice bit of team building from Jolyon here, with his engineers running the track.
  • +1 Esteban Ocon: I like drivers sharing statistics about themselves, particularly when they are quite specific and not-so-spectacular achievements.

Standings for Week 5

This week's standings
10Lewis Hamilton19
21Romain Grosjean411
3-1Daniel Ricciardo19
41Fernando Alonso49
52Sergio Pérez37
6-2Valtteri Bottas6
7-1Max Verstappen16
80Carlos Sainz Jr15
93Esteban Ocon24
10-1Sebastian Vettel4
11-1Stoffel Vandoorne3
12-1Felipe Massa3
132Daniil Kvyat12
14-1Marcus Ericsson1
15-1Antonio Giovinazzi1
161Jolyon Palmer11
17-1Kevin Magnussen0
180Kimi Räikkönen0
190Lance Stroll0
200Pascal Wehrlein0
210Nico Hülkenberg0
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