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Here comes the science bit - Christine's Rankings, Week 6 - A slice of F1 education, sweet daydreams and some basketball

Published by Christine

Rosberg doing PR in Malaysia
Credit: Mercedes AMG Petronas

With the drivers busy prepping for the Malaysian Grand Prix, and then partaking in the very same, there was a lot of opportunity to spot them doing pointsworthy things - particularly those two Mercedes boys. As a home race of sorts, we got to see Hamilton and Rosberg getting up to all sorts, but most memorably, donning a white coat and teaching us a lesson.

Elsewhere, there was some singing, a lot of talk about food, some fashion and even a spot of welding. Sort of. Don't forget your suggestions are more than welcome, let me know if you spot the drivers doing anything that could end up on the Rankings, via the dedicated page or on Twitter.

Movements for Week 6

  • +1 Valtteri Bottas: Celebrating a different kind of helmet, with a pretty good design.
  • +2 Marcus Ericsson: Had a pretty good promotional day, and shared a nice collage afterwards.
  • -1 Lewis Hamilton: Ignoring the black tie instruction and wearing, gasp, blue!
  • +2 Max Chilton: Getting some real height on his jumpin' in the rain.
  • +1 Jean-Éric Vergne: I like the idea of a little reward for putting in a good session. Can I have that for Factbyte Factboxing?
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Whilst Vergne is getting chocolate rewards, Lewis is dreaming of what could be. Poor drivers these days.
  • +2 Esteban Gutiérrez: Introducing the newest member of family Gutiérrez - Stevo the koala!
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Still day-dreaming about food, Hamilton admits he is chasing the sweets this year.
  • +4 Nico Rosberg: Huge points for Professor Nico, describing turbos so that even I can understand.
  • +2 Nico Rosberg: Whiling away the time before his podium interview with a spot of juggling. A risky little move!
  • +1 Nico Rosberg: Going above and beyond the call of duty by singing for BBC 5live's formation lap song, don't stop me now indeed.
  • +1 Fernando Alonso: An alternative sport to keep fit, this is basketball meets the Karate Kid.
  • +2 Felipe Massa: Somehow, Massa has managed to clone an exact replica of himself. Genius!

Standings for Week 6

This week's standings
10Lewis Hamilton113
20Daniel Ricciardo10
31Max Chilton210
47Nico Rosberg710
5-2Kamui Kobayashi9
6-1Jean-Éric Vergne17
72Felipe Massa26
82Esteban Gutiérrez25
9-3Nico Hülkenberg5
10-3Sergio Pérez5
11-3Jenson Button4
120Sebastian Vettel3
133Fernando Alonso12
144Valtteri Bottas12
15-2Daniil Kvyat2
164Marcus Ericsson22
17-3Kevin Magnussen2
18-3Adrian Sutil2
19-2Jules Bianchi1
20-1Kimi Räikkönen1
210Pastor Maldonado0
220Romain Grosjean0
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