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Headline goes here - Coming up with the best titles for Grand Prix Plus

Published by Mr. C

There hasn't been much to smile about in the world of F1 lately, but one of things we like to do, that never seems to get boring, is come up with fun titles for blog posts. Frequently it's a collaborative process, and we always aim to squeeze in some thinly veiled musical reference when the opportunity presents.

If you listened to this week's Aside with Joe, you'll recall a section of the show where Joe talks about his process of coming up with a good headline.

Unfortunately, during the recording, a skype drop-out ruined the premise of one fabulous anecdote, but rather than lose it forever, we've included it below. To fill in the words that Skype stole, the subject of the headline is the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix where McLaren drivers Senna and Prost managed to tangle while battling for the lead:

There's more where that came from too. As mentioned in the show, Grand Prix+ regularly features some of the best F1 headlines going and given our penchant for musical references this cover will likely rank as my favourite for a while:

Brawn Two Run

I'm sure there are more good ones out there though, so we've created a wiki page to track and document the best.

If you've come across any classic Formula 1 headlines, titles or subheadings in the past feel free to dive in and add them to the list. If any jump out at you in the coming months, then please do the same. Additionally, if you're a writer or you have a blog, please do let us know in the comments if you ever spend time coming up with a good headline, and tell us what tricks you use to come up with something original.