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He had me at "i" - Paying tribute to Steve Jobs

Published by Mr. C

Without Apple and without Steve Jobs there would be no Sidepodcast. Not a statement to make lightly, but true nevertheless.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple passed away peacefully today. Tonight we raise a glass to the man, his vision and his creations that have enabled and inspired so very much creativity.

The MacBook Pro that started it all
The MacBook Pro that started it allCredit: Sidepodcast

Anyone who can recall our backstory might remember that a purchase of an Apple MacBook Pro at the end of 2006 inspired Christine and I to start building something. For the first time we had at our disposal equipment that just worked and tools that fuelled our imagination and rewarded our efforts. It was a machine powerful enough to build our dreams.

Since then the tools have continued to make sense to the point that all of the video and audio output we produce today comes to fruition thanks to Apple hardware and software and is largely consumed on Apple equipment. I wrote this post on a MacBook surrounded by iDevices to numerous to count. Steve Jobs' vision changed our world and our lives for the better and we shall not forget that.

To steal a comment from Kai on the site earlier today - he had me at "i".

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011