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Have you got a... oh, driver! - Christine's Rankings, Week 4 - The season kicks off in Australia, with bad ads and racing planes

Published by Christine

Hamilton's walkabout in Australia
Credit: Daimler AG

This week, our fearless drivers set off for unknown adventures in Australia, finally getting to try out their new machinery for the year ahead - with mixed results. Christine's Rankings focuses on their off-track antics, however, and thus it is to the advertising hoardings and the pre-race activities we turn out attention. Points are taken off today for some shocking hair, whilst there are slightly more positive entries for charity visits and grilling your teammate - not literally.

Don't forget you can have your say on the rankings, despite the fact it's my name on the board. Send your pointsworthy suggestions to, or tweet directly to @f1rankings. Look forward to hearing from you!

Movements for Week 4

  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Getting on the bus to go sight-seeing in Sydney. "First time on a bus since school." Man of the people!
  • +1 Fernando Alonso: The Ellen selfie has been overdone, of course, but a point to Fernando for celebrating being front and centre in the F1 version.
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Spending some time at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne - bet this girl is teaching him a thing or two for the upcoming race!
  • +2 Adrian Sutil: Someone's a penguin fan! Priorities: "After a fantastic evening at the penguins parade on Phillip Island yesterday which is truly cute and beautiful,it's time to focus on #F12014."
  • +2 Daniel Ricciardo: Taking on the Australian Air Force, with a race against a fighter jet. "The craziest part was looking in my mirrors and seeing a Hornet – I'm just used to other Formula One cars behind me."
  • -2 Romain Grosjean: Romain occasionally gets helmet hair, but this is taking things a bit too far.
  • +3 Felipe Massa: Paying tribute to friend Michael Schumacher with a helmet logo and dealing well with a press conference question.
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Not punching the security guard who moved to stop him getting back in the circuit, after stopping on track.
  • +2 Sebastian Vettel: Love this video between teammates, and a good response to the question regarding how much say he had about who got the second Red Bull seat.
  • +2 Daniel Ricciardo: Love this video between teammates, Daniel's not afraid to probe the quadruple champion for the tough information!
  • +1 Kamui Kobayashi: Learning to deal with the downsides to Twitter.
  • +2 Daniel Ricciardo: Engaging the home crowd with a spot of hat-throwing during the driver's parade.

Standings for Week 4

This week's standings
15Daniel Ricciardo610
25Lewis Hamilton59
3-2Kamui Kobayashi18
4-2Max Chilton6
5-2Jean-Éric Vergne6
6-2Sergio Pérez5
7-2Jenson Button4
87Felipe Massa34
9-1Nico Hülkenberg3
108Sebastian Vettel23
11-1Esteban Gutiérrez2
12-1Daniil Kvyat2
13-1Kevin Magnussen2
148Adrian Sutil22
154Fernando Alonso11
16-3Jules Bianchi1
17-3Valtteri Bottas1
18-2Kimi Räikkönen1
19-2Nico Rosberg1
200Marcus Ericsson0
210Pastor Maldonado0
22-13Romain Grosjean-20
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