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Raising a glass to 2016 - Happy New Year from Sidepodcast

Published by Christine

It's New Year's Eve, a day when you can safely look back on the year just gone, and prepare yourself for the one ahead. Here at Sidepodcast HQ, we are looking forward to 2016 because it can only be better than the twelve months that preceded it. Personally, life has been busy and trying and difficult, but in F1 terms, too, things haven't been great.

2015 in Formula One saw the sport dominated by one team, two champions struggling at almost every race, the loss of dear Jules, and a distinct lack of memorable racing to lift spirits. Those in charge continue to bury their heads in their hands and thus we cling to the hope that next year will bring change, whilst secretly knowing it's likely to be a carbon copy of the season just past.

At Sidepodcast, so many enormous thanks go to Adam Barton for holding the fort with his brilliant columns posted after each and every race. His articles made for fantastic reads, and were a high point regardless of what the racing itself delivered. Be sure to keep up with more from Adam on his personal site.

A huge shout out goes to Joe Saward, our irregularly scheduled podcasting friend who continues to hold nothing back, telling F1 like it is. If you want to dig deeper into the secrets F1 is hiding, then Joe is the right person to follow. His unique insight during the Aside with Joe episodes has opened our eyes on many an occasion, and we can't thank him enough for continuing to drop by and talk to us whenever the hectic F1 schedule allows. Remember to grab your GP+ subscription for 2016.

And of course, thanks to you. If you're still reading and connecting with us after what has been one of the quietest years on the site since it started in 2006, then huge hugs and love go out to you. We're hoping to bring more in 2016, but that hugely depends on real life, and of course, what F1 has in store for the season ahead.

Here's to the next one.

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