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Happy Milkybar Day! - A Valentine's Day with a difference

Published by Mr. C

Please excuse me while I interrupt your regular stream of F1 news and views with timely ode to the fantastic girl who makes all of this that you see here possible.

It goes without saying (although I insist on repeating it regardless), that Sidepodcast would not exist in any form without the incredible work put in every day by one person. Be it writing and producing unique shows, filtering and summarising important F1 news, subediting crazy amounts of submitted content or managing an active community. Christine is one in a million, and today I insist on a rare display of public affection to highlight my appreciation.

Sidepodcast  Valentine's Day

Once upon a time there was a tradition on Sidepodcast to celebrate Valentine's Day, not with a typical bunch of flowers, but rather a single Milkybar. In my mind this was a hugely romantic gesture designed to fly in the face of rampant over-commercialisation. Unfortunately a quick scan through the archives tells an entirely different story.

Apparently I've never been good at this kind of stuff.

With the Formula One community now so copiously connected thanks to the wonders of social media (and in a tenuous attempt to bring this thread back around to the subject), be sure to keep an eye out for motorsport related displays of public affection today, and share them in the comments.

Excuse me while I sneak off to purchase some white chocolate.