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Happy anniversary to the new and improved daily posts - A celebration of another year of awesome guest writers

Published by Christine

This week, we're celebrating one year of the Sidepodcast Daily Takeover - 365 days of our fantastic regular daily writers, of brilliant one-off submissions and the marvellous super subs stepping in at the last minute.

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19 April 2010 was the day when Sidepodcast changed for the better. Rather than a daily update from my own fair hands with only the things I could find, we opened it up to a vast array of writers, each with differing interests, unique writing styles and some innovative takes on the daily post format.

We've seen posts with hundreds of links, others with only a few, posts full of pictures, music, poems and games. From Heikki News Monthly, to Podcast of the Week, from a month of wintery pictures, to a behind the scenes look at the life of a daily writer. Most importantly, these posts give us an incredible way to look back and glimpse what the world was offering us at any given moment.

Huge thanks have to go out to every single person who has written us a daily over the past twelve months, in order of appearance:

  • RG
  • Marilene Riddle
  • Gavin Brown
  • James
  • Lukeh
  • Lou
  • Pat W
  • Andy Taylor
  • Steven Roy
  • Kai
  • Alison
  • Alex Andronov
  • startledbunny
  • Nick
  • amandoloss
  • Amy Fulton
  • Paul
  • Pamela
  • Jeremy
  • Lady Snowcat
  • Jordan F1
  • Joe Ryland
  • Bassano
  • Turkey Machine
  • Alianora La Canta

From a time when we at Sidepodcast HQ were finding the F1 world a bit stressful, each and every one of you has taken the challenge and turned the posts into something to be treasured every day. Never have I known so many people look forward to midnight and all to see what the next daily post will hold.

The look and feel of each entry, plus the roster of most excellent writers, is ever evolving. If you want to get involved, just let us know in the comments. I'm looking forward to another year's worth of great insight, great updates, and links to things I would never normally find.

Here's to you, daily writers, long may you continue.