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Green screen - A behind the scenes sneak peak at making a Sidepodcast TV

Published by Mr. C

Christine in front of a green screen

Pre-empting the release of our latest audio podcast, we figured it was worth pointing out some of our latest backstage photographs on Flickr.

This week we got ourselves some new video gear, including a proper green screen - until now we've been using a duvet cover which just happened to be the right hue. We also picked up a 'soft box' and this has made the biggest difference. A spotlight casts all sorts of crazy shadows over the set and kills natural skin tone, by diffusing the beam you end up with a much more even light source and thus a better picture. Now, I'm sure anyone who works in TV learnt this on day one, but we don't work in TV so it came as news to us!

The new stuff cost us next to nothing, and further proves the point that nowadays you can make television for almost no expense at all (although the some less charitable would say that ITV have been proving that for years).

Anyhow, the result is it's now much easier and much quicker to set-up and record pieces to camera. Watch for more fantastic quality F1 video heading this way soon.