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GPLive: Not a rip-roaring success, but generally okay - A review of our day out at Donington Park

Published by Christine

Once I could tear my eyes away from our fabulous advert, and actually read this week's Autosport magazine, I came across a page dedicated to GP Live.

Now, we've told you what we thought of the day, but it was interesting to read what everyone else had enjoyed (or not).

Turns out our feeling that we were the only ones there, was not unfounded. There were not record numbers of attendees, by any stretch. The event had only 10,000 visitors over all three days - and two of those were us! High prices were a bit of a turn-off, plus the lack of marketing and not many events actually confirmed. And apparently there were a lot of cars missing, as well, due to the event being sandwiched between to other, more important, historic meetings.

Steve Allen, a competitor in the historic events, reinforced what I mentioned in the podcast about it being a difficult niche to target:

It's a bit of a struggle knowing what our audience is. Is it a historic meeting or a demonstration meeting? It's between the two, which is a problem.

I didn't actually realise that this was the first ever GP Live. I knew I had never heard of it, and it was obvious that it was still finding it's feet, but I didn't realise we were attending the inaugural weekend. Understanding that, Richard Morgan, the organiser, is convinced of the events future success and even wants to expand abroad.

For a first time out, I think we've done very well. We want to work over the next three years to get the product right. This event was all about putting down a marker. We are looking at the Far East and America for 3 to 5 year's time. ...And we'd like to do another one somewhere else in Europe.

Seems to me they should really work on their brand before starting to branch out. It was an okay event for a first time, but needs some serious work. Autosport suggests more races, lower prices, more F1 teams and more exotic machinery.

I agree.