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Goodwood roundup - A collection of the best photos and articles from this year's Festival

Published by Christine

Goodwood FOS 2009
Credit: Lou Johnson

It's been a couple of weeks since the Festival of Speed came to a close, and as promised in last week's F1 Debrief show, we're gathering together the tales of those who went and shared their stories with us. We've got blogs to link to, pictures to look at, plus those fabulous voicemails from Lukeh on the premises. Let's get started.

Lukeh has written about his day and by all accounts he was very impressed with his first trip to the Festival. He also has some photos up on Flickr. He, Lou and Chris (Vampire Chris) met within the grounds and had a fun-filled day, including a chance meeting with John Button. If you've heard the Debrief linked above, you'll know we played some voicemails from Lukeh about the day as well, but here they are again:

The voicemail where Lukeh was speechless:

The voicemail where Chris punched John:

This leads us nicely on to Lou's photos of the weekend, which are - as usual - excellent. There are plenty of Jenson Button ones, but also lots of the hill climb as well.

One day wonder

Like Lou, Pat spent just one day at the Festival but still managed to see an impressive amount. This puts us to shame really, as we found ourselves unable to fit it all in even over three days. Nevertheless, Pat's got three blog posts so far with, I think, more to come.

He also has photos on Picasa. Over to Flickr again, though, Chris Harland has four pages worth of photos - focusing more on the cars than the personalities. Ollie also has some great photos on Flickr, and I think he is currently deciding where to put his write up.

Back to the photo sharing, and Nick set up a Flickr account specifically for his Goodwood photos. There are some great car closeups on there, I am particularly fond of the Le Mans car shots. Lynch has also posted his photos, and there are some stunning ones in there.

So, that is the majority of what has been on my radar. If I have missed anyone, firstly accept my apologies, and secondly, let us know in the comments, and we'll update the blog as we find them. It looks like a great time was had by all, so roll on next year!