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It's good to be back - Christine's Rankings, Week 1 - The 2013 season of rankings returns with grapes, golf, roses and more

Published by Christine

The 2013 Formula One season is creeping ever closer and with it comes the return of Christine's Rankings. After crowning Jenson Button our 2012 champion just a month or two ago, it's time for another batch of new and returning drivers to stake their claim on the Christine's Rankings title. This week, we have some amusing video outtakes, some romantic pets, and a bit of golfing on the side.

As ever, you can keep track of the rankings throughout the week on the dedicated page, you can submit your suggestions for pointsworthy items, and follow the action via the Twitter account too. Now, on with the points!

Movements for Week 1

  • +2 Giedo van der Garde: His big ol' cheer at the end of the introduction to Caterham's behind the scenes video. Dude gets the chuckles easily!
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: "Yea, what he said." The early signs show Lewis to be happy at his new team, with his new teammate.
  • -1 Pastor Maldonado: Somehow managing to make grapes look menacing!
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Counting down to the start of the season, and on weather watch already!
  • +1 Max Chilton: Taking up the space left by Kovalainen, with some serious golfing even in the freezing cold!
  • +1 Max Chilton: Making a good impression in the first of many big TV interviews as an F1 driver.
  • +3 Daniel Ricciardo: I'm not really down with this Harlem Shake business, but definitely approve of Disco Dan trying to organise a group shake!
  • +4 Kimi Räikkönen: Kimi did that swapping helmets thing with Felipe Massa, and gave one to baby Massa too!
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: I don't tend to get mushy about dogs, but Hamilton's may have a girlfriend and it is too cute!
  • +1 Valtteri Bottas: Retweeting this lookalike picture, despite it not being the most flattering of things!
  • +3 Lewis Hamilton: Another very good appearance on Top Gear, with a second attempt at the Reasonably Priced Car leaderboard.

Standings for Week 1

This week's standings
17Lewis Hamilton77
214Daniel Ricciardo44
311Kimi Räikkönen44
40Max Chilton22
513Giedo van der Garde22
6-4Valtteri Bottas11
7-6Fernando Alonso0
8-5Jenson Button0
9-4Paul di Resta0
10-4Romain Grosjean0
11-4Esteban Gutiérrez0
12-3Nico Hülkenberg0
13-2Felipe Massa0
14-2Sergio Pérez0
15-2Charles Pic0
16-1Luiz Razia0
170Nico Rosberg0
181Jean-Éric Vergne0
191Sebastian Vettel0
201Mark Webber0
21-11Pastor Maldonado-1-1
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