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Glock strikes a pose, there's nothing to it - Timo shares a behind-the-scenes video from a recent photoshoot

Published by Christine

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the lovely Lucas, and Mr C followed it up with a rather good-looking discovery of his own. That must mean it is my turn again. During research for the Rankings this week, it was pointed out that Timo Glock had posted a video of some behind the scenes footage at a photoshoot.

It's a nicely made, good looking video with insight into what it is to be a racing driver/model.

Plus there is chest!

Now, I don't normally like to talk about drivers in this sense. We all know Lucas is delicious, and that I heart Franck, but I'm not one for drooling over a man and his chest. Trust me, I've seen the 2009 Force India calendar and that wasn't good.

However, these are guys that spend all their time in Nomex and gloves and helmets, covered up from head to foot. In return, male fans get to gawp at promo girls, who stand around wearing as little as possible.

The Virgin Racing girls strike a pose to welcome LG as a team partner.
Credit: Virgin Racing

This seems to be a bit one-sided. We should get something nice to look at as well.

Organisers of the Australian Grand Prix once attempted to introduce Grid Guys to the Formula 1 spectacle to mixed reaction, but why is that needed when we have 23 fit and heathy men (plus Sakon Yamamoto) turning up to the circuit on a Sunday. How about a topless parade lap before the race gets underway?

During this summer break, I call for more drivers filming themselves going to the beach for a surf and doing push ups. Every driver needs a YouTube channel, it's only fair.