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Getting closer every day - Organisers of the Australian Grand Prix adjust their timings

Published by Christine

Remember when the season first ended and we had to wait for 150 days for it to start up again? Somehow, all that time has passed and we are now just over 30 short days away from the first race. For us at Sidepodcast, this is not enough time to get through everything we had planned, but even so, like you all, we can’t wait for the season to get going.

We’ve now got lots of information about what to expect for those first few races, as well. The organisers of the Australian GP have confirmed the race will start at 5pm, with the CEO suggesting:

The changes to the Formula One session times means that each day finishes on a high note and, for Thursday and Friday, the most anticipated action will happen after school and after work.

Hmm. Not for us. That translates to 5 and 6am in the morning for the UK, although you will hear no complaints as it could be a lot worse. One interesting thing to note in their timetable is that they have only allowed an hour and a half for the race itself.

Practice session 1Friday1230 - 1400
Practice session 2Friday1630 - 1800
Practice session 3Saturday1400 - 1500
QualifyingSaturday1700 - 1800
RaceSunday1700 - 1835

It says approximately, I grant you, but you would always want to allow two hours, wouldn’t you?

Elsewhere today, Malysia have confirmed they will also be starting at 5pm, but they have no interests in going any later. The costs of lighting up the race would be too great, and organisers say they don’t care what Bernie thinks. In this economic climate, their prediction is it won’t happen before 2015, if at all.

Finally, as Dank pointed out in the comments, the BBC have issued their own schedule for the first few races. It is as we expected, with live TV and online coverage simultaneously, plus plenty of interactivity on the site as well.

The best quote from them is:

The website will also have extra analytical data during the race, in-depth looks at the drivers, teams, tracks and an F1 car, as well as reports, news and insight from the TV team, as well as broadcasting legend Murray Walker among others.

We don’t know what the "extra analytical data" is yet, or whether it is any good, but the fact that they are even attempting to provide more information is a good sign. The worrying thing, also spotted by Dank, is that they don’t seem to have listed FP3 in their schedules at all. Fingers crossed they know it exists and this is just an oversight. Even if not, I think Murray Walker’s presence would almost make up for it.

Anyone else getting excited yet?