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Get ready for Cars - Our next live movie experience comes courtesy of Pixar

Published by Christine

At the beginning of September, we launched the first ever Sidepodfilmclub - an event where we gather in the live comments and all watch the same film at the same time - sharing the laughs and our thoughts along the way.

This weekend, Sidepodfilmclub is back. We'll be watching Cars on Saturday, and I really hope you will join us.

I've been telling people for about a week that there will be a live show this weekend, and now I have to hold my hands up and say that there won't be. We have three very good reasons though:

  • The main news is Toyota's departure from the sport, and Joe covered this much better than we ever could in the last Aside with Joe. If you haven't listened to it already, please do, as I think it's the best one of the year.
  • Doctor Who is on at about 7pm on Sunday. I am not missing it for the world.
  • We could delay the debrief, but then there's that pesky Top Gear thing on.

We will post a pre-recorded show, as we have plenty to talk about regarding our trip to Brooklands at the weekend. If you were there, please leave us a voicemail about your experience - 0121 28 87225. We'd love to get some more insight, and the more opinions we get, the better.

To keep you occupied while you wait for the non-live show (I'm not even sure we remember how to do things without streaming attached!) we will be hosting the second Sidepodfilmclub. The first event was brilliant fun. A select few gathered in the live comments and we all watched Talladega Nights at the same time, sharing the experience as it went.

This weekend, we're going to do the same again, but this time with the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. The film will begin at 8pm GMT on Saturday 14th November. Last time, we put a clock on the live commenting page and all hit play at the desired time. That seemed to work reasonably well, albeit not very technologically sound. So, I hope you will join us with a copy of Cars and some popcorn or chocolate.