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Gascoyne gets a fancy title - Ex-Toyota man joins Spyker as CTO

Published by Christine

Mike Gascoyne of ex-Toyota fame has now joined the Dutch owned Spyker team as Chief Technology Officer.

Already making excuses for any poor performance that could occur next year, Gascoyne is admitting he doesn't have enough time to change the team around before the new season begins, but wants to see the cars moving up the grid as 2007 progresses.

The challenge was to come to a small team, and make it an efficient, close-knit group, and try and build it up.

- Mike Gascoyne

Gascoyne says he will be in every design meeting and will be making all the key design decisions but isn't shy of relinquishing control to his underlings. "Part of being a good manager is leaving your guys free to do their jobs," he said.

Gascoyne was a personal favourite of mine so I'll be watching closely to see what he can achieve in 2007.