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From the front line - Writing show notes alongside Five Live's finest

Published by Mr. C

We've fallen slightly behind over the last couple of days, and we're in catch-up mode at the moment, but I just wanted to put this picture up as I think it perfectly encapsulates our entire weekend.

Anthony Davidson, David Croft and Christine

On Friday evening ahead of the British GP, Radio 5 Live presented an hour long Formula 1 special featuring usual suspects David Croft, Maurice Hamilton and Holly Samos along with Arlo White (nope never heard of him either, but he was hilarious) and Anthony Davidson.

We were privileged to witness the recording, but while I was bouncing around in the background, pleased as punch to see real live radio up close, a certain someone had work to do and a podcast to produce. Christine was readily working away at a free table, nonplussed as those around her went about their business.

Apparently we've come along way in a year... well one of us has anyhow.