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Friday Fun - Your mix and match drivers - Which elements of a driver would you pick to make the best overall racer?

Published by Christine

Time for another game to while away the long Fridays of the off-season. Without Free Practice to watch, I endeavour to keep you amused in much more fun ways. Last week we played the "Things Drivers Would Never Say" game, but this week we're chopping things apart a bit.

I would like to hear which bits of which drivers you would piece together to create the perfect specimen. I'm not talking hair or ears here, but attributes that are slightly more useful to a Formula One driver.

Here are the bits you need to decide upon:

  1. Driving style/speed
  2. Ability to set up a car
  3. Relationship with the media
  4. Marketability
  5. Teamwork skills

And here is my answer:

  1. Lewis Hamilton. He is pretty fast and pretty feisty.
  2. Rubens Barrichello. When Button was struggling, Rubens still made it work.
  3. Sebastian Vettel. He does make them laugh. Just... don't mention that show.
  4. Fernando Alonso. He is so photogenic!
  5. Felipe Massa. Because him and Rob... you know.

So, what do you think? Which bits of which drivers would you put together to make the world's best Formula One star?

And don't forget, if you've got any ideas for future Friday Fun posts, just drop me an email There's lots of off-season weeks still to come!