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Friday Fun - Your F1 film - Who would you cast in which roles in a film about Formula One?

Published by Christine

The official F1 website has a new piece discussing the upcoming movie about our favourite motorsport. From the article:

Production is underway of the definitive feature documentary on Formula One racing. Scheduled for cinema release in spring 2011, the new film will tell the story of the golden Grand Prix age and will include interviews with the sport’s leading personalities, drivers, designers and engineers.

There's no word on who will be in the film, though, so the question is:

If you were casting a film about F1 past or present, who would you give the leading roles to?

It could be as easy as casting Justin Timberlake to play a driver, and Bruce Willis to play a Ron Dennis type figure, or you could give it a bit more thought than that. You always come up with great things, so please, let us know!