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Friday Fun - What would Windsor say? - Finishing off a leading sentence left by the non-F1 team boss

Published by Mr. C

This week, failed F1 team boss Peter Windsor snubbed me in the second best way possible, he blocked me on Twitter. No doubt if he could've unfriended me on Facebook he would've done that too. Worse than that though, before blocking me Windsor began a tweet but quickly ran out of characters, then simply he left the sentence hanging.

Can you think of anything more disturbing than starting a conversation, leaving it part way through and then preventing the recipient from responding?

@sidepodcast For the record, I reported that "certain sites" were saying this and immediately discounted the rumour. I would ask you not...

PeterDWindsor PeterDWindsor

Clearly we cannot leave a sentence in that state, so I'm calling on you dear reader to help Peter finish his tweet. We've all been caught short mid-tweet before, but what do you think the man was trying to say? What would he ask me not to do? For today's Friday Fun, finish this sentence in any way you choose (F1 related or otherwise):

"I would ask you not..."

The backstory

Peter managed to kick up a firestorm of controversy this week when he read out live on air that the Sauber team had fired technical director James Key. The source of this information was apparently a misinformed viewer and it looks like Windsor took the information as fact and spread it willingly. I say 'looks like' because I wasn't watching the show and that section of content has conveniently been removed from re-runs of the broadcast. Make of that what you will, but clearly Windsor believes he "immediately discounted the rumour".

For the record, some commenters from Sidepodcast were watching live and this is how they saw it:

  • Bassano: Windsor's saying that James Key has been released from Sauber!!
  • Leigh O'Gorman: Windsor: James Key has just been dropped by Sauber!?!
  • Steven Roy: Just spotted a tweet from Another F1podcast saying Sauber have fired James Key.

Craig Scarborough, a guest on the show, clearly believed the story enough to ask this as soon as he got home:

Has anyone confirmation on the james key sauber story?

ScarbsF1 ScarbsF1

None of that sounds like "immediately discounted", but draw your own conclusions, I know I've drawn mine. What matters now is the remainder of that tweet, I would ask you not... what?