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Friday Fun - Walk on music - What theme tunes should the Formula One drivers have?

Published by Steven Roy

While watching the start of the BDO World Darts Championship I couldn’t help notice the theme music that accompanies each player on to the stage. For example Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams always enters to ‘Hungry Like the Wolf.’

Of course darts is not the only sport to use walk on music. Boxing has used it for decades. So I couldn’t help but wonder what piece of music would be appropriate for each of the F1 drivers. The closest F1 has ever been to a driver theme tune was when at a post GP gig at Silverstone when Tina Turner invited Ayrton Senna on stage and sang ‘Simply the Best’ to him.

Of course there is no need to restrict this to drivers I see Bernie entering to some Star Wars music or maybe Schumacher could have that. Maybe they should have a light sabre fight over it. There is so much backstabbing in F1 that there is a queue of people who want Mac the Knife. Of course in the past it could have been Max the knife but he has gone now.

Of course you may instead wish to suggest music for a particular incident. For example at a wet Silverstone a couple of years ago Massa had five spins so you could suggest the Blue Danube as being appropriate as half the time he looked more like he was waltzing than racing.

I am sure you can all think of things that haven't even crossed my mind. What theme would you suggest for Hermann Tilke or his circuits? What theme would you suggest for the FIA's inability to create overtaking? Let your imagination run free.