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Friday Fun - Ultimate circuits - Select your three favourite sectors to make the best F1 circuit ever

Published by Christine

This week's Friday Fun was suggested by Mr C who in turn stole it from a text sent to 5live during a practice session. If it's good enough for Maurice Hamilton to fill five minutes, it's good enough for us.

Combine three sectors from any current or previous F1 racing circuits to create the ultimate F1 track.

I have given this a small amount of thought already, and have picked Eau Rouge which is in the first sector. My reason is because it's Eau Rouge, obviously, and because I like big hills. Then I thought I wanted the final few corners of Brazil, because they have provided some great racing over the past few years, and because I like big hills.

Finally, I picked out Turn 8 at Turkey as I have always had a soft spot for that corner since it was introduced. Mr C has pointed out that I have a bit of a problem as my first sector goes up and never comes back down again, and the same can be said for my last sector. I have always thought, though, that F1 should have more cliffs in it, don't you think?

Anyway, that's my initial thoughts, I'll be adding some more later in the day and would love to hear yours.