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Friday Fun - Things drivers would never say - What snippets would you never hear in the F1 paddock?

Published by Christine

As it is the off season now, and there is supposed to be a lack of news (eh-hem, are you listening teams? No news!), I thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a game to play on Fridays, in place of Free Practice.

This week, I had an email from Iain who dreamt up this little game for us.

Here’s an idea for the off-season – things you never hear F1 drivers say. A couple of examples on the subject of tracks: "I really love that sequence of second gear corners," and "There really aren’t enough tracks designed by Tilke in the calendar." Also "I find that half a lap flat out at Silverstone a bit boring really."

Meanwhile, back on the grid, during a certain broadcasters gridwalk: "Hi Martin, well folks you’re not going to see any overtaking here, isn’t there a Bond film on the other channel?"

And finally: "You know what excites me most about a racetrack – the size of the garages..."

I’m sure there’s a few more out there too!

So, what are your thoughts? What sentences would you never hear from a Formula One driver?

Also, if you have any ideas for Friday Fun games for the next few weeks, please let me know at