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Friday Fun - Ten words or less - Sum up an F1 driver and a specific race, whilst hittng the word count

Published by Christine

This is something we have visited previously, a fun little game that Amy introduced on a Sidepodpanel episode in the far distant past. It essentially involves a very brief season review, but here is the Friday Fun topic today:

Pick a driver, a race, an F1 event from 2010, and sum them/it up in ten words or less. You get bonus points for hitting ten words exactly.

So here's an example for the Korea Grand Prix. "It took it's time but wasn't as bad as feared." That's not particularly funny, but it is ten words exactly so I get a bonus point. I'm sure you can do heaps better though. Let us know your ten words or less summaries in the comments.

Don't forget that if you've got an idea for Friday Fun, just let us know and we are happy to hand over hosting duties throughout the off-season. Meanwhile, get your ten word thinking caps on!