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Friday Fun - Six word season reviews // Sum up the 2012 racing action in as short and pithy a way as possible

Published by Christine Blachford

When Friday Fun last took over the Sidepodcast off-season, Steven Roy brought along a popular internet meme with an F1 twist - the six word memoir. It's straightforward enough, you sum something up in exactly six words.

Some of the highlights of the previous Friday Fun include:

For Toyota RacingSpent too much, nobody cared anymore
For Brawn GPWe did quite well, didn't we?
For Nico RosbergI beat Michael, I am legend

For this year, with some off-season time to fill, Friday Fun is back, and first on our list is the six word game. This time though, I'd like your six word season reviews.

I know it will be tricky to sum up the 2012 season, believe me, I have a string of F1 Advent podcasts that prove it, but there is always a way! You can either tackle the season as a whole, focus in on individual races, or maybe even review a particular driver and their season. The choice is absolutely yours and you've got the comments below to share your six word creations.

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