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Friday Fun - Sell, sell, sell - What F1 mementos could and should make the classified ads?

Published by Christine

The end of another week is upon us, and it can only be time for a bit more fun on a Friday. This topic came about when Nick highlighted a particular Red Bull related item up for sale. It's only David Coulthard's spare car from 2006. We pondered whether the ad would go on to say "one careful owner, low mileage" and the like.

With that in mind, here is your challenge for today. Pick a team, any team, and try to sell off their assets using the best, most marketable speak you can think of. If you don't manage to sell very much, you'll end up in the boardroom, and then you might be fired. Wait, wrong programme.

Here's an example to get us going.

x1 helmet belonging to former-Champion Fernando Alonso. Has been thrown into a door and still retains it's strong structure. We will even throw in gloves that come with a set of instructions on how to gesticulate at others like a true child gent.

You've got an entire paddock at your fingertips, and in these cost-cutting days, any additional money you can add to the budget will be appreciated, I'm sure. Have fun!