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Friday Fun - Secret Santa - What will you get for the drivers who have been very, very good?

Published by Christine

This week, we're building on Lukeh's theme of Christmas in the Paddock, where present giving is the name of the game. I've raided the fun banks over at Giggles' place (do check out his advent calendar, it's good!) and this week it's all about signing up to a Secret Santa or two.

You have a budget of £20. You need to find the ideal gift for your favourite F1 personality. What would you buy, who would you give it to and why?

Unfortunately, twenty pounds isn't going to be enough to get Kamui Kobayashi into a race seat this year, or to get some other drivers out of one, but it should be enough to buy something to spice up someone's festive season. Perhaps something to help Button with his triathlons, or some kind of new golfing accessory that Heikki Kovalainen would approve of.

There's also a possibility of buying the entire paddock a box of chocolates, and sharing them out one each. It sounds stingy, but that way everyone gets a present, and they're happy because they have to stick to strict diets anyway. I'll keep thinking. Meanwhile, what are you going to buy for your favourite?