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Friday Fun - North West, South or East? - Naming our future F1 stars

Published by Mr. C

Kanye West on stage
The only way is up (and left a bit)Credit: NRK P3 / CC

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have apparently named their first child North, full name North West. No middle names, just North West. Plainly the single greatest name of all time, and only likely to be bettered if the next one is named Go.

However, this news does throw open the doors for the future of baby names, all bets are off, anything goes.

Given that it's a Friday, it's the longest day of the year and the F1 world is still in a tailspin over tyres, lets have some fun re-imagining the world of motorsport through Kanye and Kim's eyes.

Which drivers past, present or future have earned a more appropriate name?

Real life has already given us a few to get started, including Scott Speed and the inexplicably named Will Power (who's parents were way ahead of their time), but can we do any better?

What would you name a future F1 star, whose name could be improved with a bit of tweaking and if you already named your kids after one of motor racing's greats, what did you call them?

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