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Friday Fun - The music scene - Which F1 stars would you like to see take the music charts by storm?

Published by Christine

It's Friday again, and that means it is time to delve into Giggles Big Book of Fun to see if there's anything we can do to make the slide into the weekend that little bit more friendly. Today, we're talking about music, and here's what the Giggles himself has to say:

"We all know that Wheelman is now a huge fan of F1 and that the music scene and Formula 1 have had their mixes, JV's album etc. Pick an F1 character to launch a music career. They need to P.Diddy up their name, or get a band name, or something, and pick an ideal cover song for their first release."

There are bonus points available for picking album names, fashion choices, and even creating the covers of the albums themselves too. Personally, I'm going to have to suggest that Romain Grosjean and Jean-Éric Vergne create an awesome French duo. They can call themselves Romao and Julesette, and cover some of Villeneuve's songs, as they are in French.

So, over to you. Which paddock members do you think could hit the charts?