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Friday Fun - Making launches better - If you were in charge of organising a launch, what would you do?

Published by Christine

It's the end of the week once more, and we've enjoyed five days of discussing brand new cars. Well, a new car and a livery anyway. With all the teams turning to online streaming to give fans an insight into the launches of their new machinery, we've suddenly realised just how stuffy the events can be. Suits and cameras, interviews and PR speak, aside from looking at the new paint job, the launches do leave a lot to be desired.

So, the big question this week for our Friday Fun game is: How would you make F1 launches better?

We're talking from the smallest little details, to the very big things such as location. In fact, here's a list of things that you could decide upon, although tell us anything you've got in mind.

  • Location and timing
  • Who would host the event?
  • Would you have any special guests?
  • Background music, or invited bands?
  • What would you get the drivers to do?

My first thought is that I'd get the media onside by handing out sweets, and I would get the drivers to answer the questions whilst also having a go on a bouncy castle. I think that would spice things up a bit. I'm going to have to give it some more thought though, and while I do, please leave your launch ideas in the comments.